How do I get all data from firebase automatically in mit app inventor?

Hi i am working on a project in which i have to upload data to firebase using raspberry pi and i want to show that data on mit app inventor , the firebase data is given below
i can show the data manually using their tags but i have to upload more data to firebase so how can i show that on the screen

A getValue call to your project bucket will return all your data

please if you can elaborate or provide the code i shall be very thankful

Something like this:


returns all data below the tag/node "FBCRUDNoRules" as a JSON string.



Okay thanks a lot, but if I just want to show the newly uploaded data on the screen how can I do this ?

And how i can do the same thing for showing images using firebase storage?

Use the dataChanged event block

See here

i couldn't find the solution here is my code for retrieving images from firebase storage

it works but the problem is that if i have 50/100 images i have to copy and past the same stuff again and again which is not ideal,
the 2nd problem i am getting these images manually with this code by calling the name of the image as i have to upload more images to firebase storage so how i will retrieve those images

Put the image names in a list, then you can call them in a loop (for each item of list)

You will need to get the filename and add it to the list when you upload a new image.

See here for possibly how to get a list of images on firebase storage

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