Firebase Storage Extension by Mirxtrem Apps

Hello! I'm looking for the FirebaseStorage extension (not the one from google) to use for my app.
That extension should have those blocks.
it's supposed that this is the downloading site link but it's not working.
Thanks to anyone who would help me.

Try here: - That page doesn’t exist -

Extension is here:


Hmmmm, I don't see the blocks I want
This are the only ones I see:
I don't know why but on the link for the features of the extension did show the blocks I wanted but I don't see it in the mit app inventor. :confused:
Thanks for the reply btw.

try this version - That page doesn’t exist -

Extension is here:


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And which blocks are you missing?

These are the blocks of version 2:

This are the blocks missing (the MIMEType and .UploadFile)
Thanks for replying.

Thanks!!!!! Now I see them!

thank you, I updated the link in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


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