How do I download a button sound? (as notification tone)

I don't know if you're going to read this, but ok.

I am creating a sound application, type sound buttons

then in each button if you click it reproduces it, but I also want that when you keep pressing the button you get a message with two options, share and download. I'm fine with everything but I don't know how to download the button sound. I have looked in many pages there are not so many, I only found some extension of yours, some steps of yours and I tried to copy but it does not work for me. I only need the step to make the download work. The files are mp3 in the app.

I don't know if you will see this but thanks for the help anyway. Here some captures.

I just wanted to put in the buttons the option to put as a notification tone and not download, but I didn't know either and that's why I decided to download.

Anyway I don't know how to download it or set it as a notification tone, I hope you can help me in one of the two things

I have many buttons with short mp3 sounds, what are the steps and how to have the option to download the sound of each button in the application? I need to know the steps of all the blocks to download each sound and save them? I also need to know how to allow write external storage access, I don't have either. I need these two things to finish the application


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Upon further reading it appears your asking how to locate the sound files located somewhere on your phone?

What do you mean by "sharing"?

To download to your app simply use the "Upload File" button in Designer mode:

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No, Wes_Savage what I'm trying to say is that I don't know how to make a download button for x sound inside the application.

you understand what im saying? in app i have a button with sound and i want add in each button the option to download the sound and another to set tone notification

How can I put an mp3 sound of a button as a notification tone, without without having to select alarm, call, etc?

just press a button that puts set as notification tone (that mp3 sound) and that is put directly.

I do not know if I explained well


too i need help here How do I download a button sound? (as notification tone)

Please post your questions in the public community rather than sending personal messages...

PS: I moved it now...

The settings extension and its method RingtoneSet is able to set a ringtone.. in your case the type is NOTIFICATION...


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but how i can do It i dont know the way and what a blocks

Taifun's Settings extension is not free. He provides example code in his extension description . You can test to determine if changing the notification sound using his paid extension is what you want to do. Read his instructions please.

SteveJG i have taifun's settings extension payed but i dont understand the blocks exemple, i only need a bit of help

I don't have the extension, but here are the blocks.

Sorry about the bad quality, I tried my best Anke impression :P.

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@Charliee Your english is quite good. Computerish could maybe improve: Download - UPload - Assign .. words might help. Even non-geeks don't know when to use those words appropriately :joy:

And :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: @NishyanthKumar

what about trying the example project?
does it work for you?

@NishyanthKumar thank you for trying to help...
however these blocks will not work, the sound must be in a directory accessible for all apps... the example project uses the directory /Ringtones...
also the settings extension uses the old logic to access files from the assets, i.e. //assetName.mp3


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this works? Thanks for trying help me, im going to try this.

taifun can you do It a example like @NishyanthKumar with blocks?

thanks for laughing at us :call_me_hand:t2: