How do I display data from Sql query?

Hi, I need to display the data from an Sql query on one screen. There are 13/14 lines each consisting of 7 fields. What could be the best way to view them?
Thank you

It depends in how your SQL query arrives.

If it is a csv, you could use a Dynamic Table using html.

You could use a simple Label, separating each line using a control character ( \n )

You could post all this in a ListView after you parse the SQL response to a List

Thanks for your tip Steve.
I had thought of using a ListView, however, they are numeric data and are not stacked well.
I try to see how a Dynamic Table works.

Here's a sample using ListViews and a Canvas to scroll:

Also @Ken 's Tableview extension

(requires data in a csv table format)

I am trying the TableView_v3 and it seems to me that it can be fine. I'm trying to build the csv file from the query output. I just have to solve the problem of holes (when I have no values) that would make the display out of phase.
Thank you all!

usually you get an empty string from the database in case there is no data, which means all rows of a csv table should have the same number of columns...