How do I Design a textbox like this?

How can i make a textbox design like this?


  1. There is an extension for "beautifying" components:
    [F/OS] 🛠️ ComponentUtil - Additional Tools For Visible Components (90+ blocks)

  2. You can draw graphics (inkscape,, drawplus etc) and use those for decoration (component background image, e.g. horizontal arrangement)

  3. You can define your text boxes as tiny web pages, defined using HTML and CSS.


Could you please show me some reference block?

You could try having a go yourself.....

It can be done using a couple of extensions:

@Gordon_Lu 's Beautify extension

and @VSATISH13 's OverlapView Extension

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Here is an example using graphics - it won't tolerate phones that are of greatly different resolution to each other but you can tweak the sizes (%) in your Project to get a result like this:

Textbox_Decorated.aia (4.8 KB)



Thanks a lot..