How do I delete a cloud database?

I have figured out that a database is defined by the ProjectID, but I am wondering if there is any way to delete a database so that built .apk's that are using the database with the specific ProjectID can no longer connect to it?

Hello Liam.

Unless, your database has a user log-in, you probably cannot

This what you can do with the MIT Redis CloudDB .

You can 'erase' the entire MIT CloudDB database files using ClearTag( tag ) Remove the tag from CloudDB. and then clear all the Tags in the database. If the database is loaded on your own Redis server you can remove the database from your server. You can disallow access to everyone. If you are not using the default MIT CloudDB server (you are using your own server); you may have more options Set CloudDB1.ProjectID:. If you do not use the default CloudDB server, you might also use a Token to control use; see Token This field contains the authentication token used to login to the backed Redis server. For the “DEFAULT” server, do not edit this value, the system will fill it in for you. A system administrator may also provide a special value to you which can be used to share data between multiple projects from multiple people. If using your own Redis server, set a password in the server’s config and enter it here. as indicated in the documentation.

Once you give a user permission to use your MIT CloudDB database the user has permanent access to that database is my understanding unless the database requires users to 'log-in'. To prevent users from having access forever; log-in protect it. If you password protect the database, you can lock out specific users, if you don't, you cannot. Create a user log in procedure with code and you should be able to control and manage who uses the database. Delete a user's ability to log on and the person can no longer connect to the database while others can.