Set CloudDB1.ProjectID:

I wanted to make a tool-apps with that i can manage my different cloud-databases…

Where are you running your cloudDB from ? (Which redis server provider?)

mit app inventor…

This is for testing only, not for production environments

my english is very poor, do i understand right that this is an environment for learning how to make an app and have to move elsewhere when using it?

As I said, it is OK to use the MIT cloudDB for testing purposes, but it should not be used for a production environment. If you are learning how to make an app, then using the MIT cloudDB is OK.

how to get an app whitch made here to communicate with another cloud?

I think you will have to export all your data from the MIT CloudDB using blocks, then reload it manually to your online redis Server. There is no access to directly export/import data or create rdb files from the MIT CloudDB.

I did advise previously that the MIT CloudDB was for testing purposes only

I was mean how the project will communicate with another server, what parameters and how should it be changed before becoming an apk? Is it just redisport and redisserver or token too? Or how does it work?

The token would be the password you set in redis for added security, yes of course you will need the server url and port number.

See here for how to setup the conf file for a redis server you control!msg/mitappinventortest/GPtZN2viC3E/Cna0GhAeEgAJ

I already configured it:

and I took from the endpoint server url and redisport and set Token to redis password, but it no works…

I see you are using redisLabs free version. This does not use/provide SSL so you have to untick to SSL checkbox in AI2

here is another old forum link on how to configure!msg/mitappinventortest/JcVDvm0HJTs/wugdaiKQDwAJ

Thanks it works…:slight_smile

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