How do I convert android apk to ios app?

Hi,it seems to me that it is not possible to use mit inventor to create apps for iPhone right ?, I can convert with some program an Android app created with MIT inventor from apk, aia or aix to install it on iPhone
Thank you.

You can't install .apk files on iOS devices, but you can connect to the iOS App Inventor Companion, now available on the App Store.

.aix files are only for extensions, so they can't be used for apps.

Hi,if download App Inventor Companion from a PC Mac iOS, and enter with my MIT app inventor account I find my apps made by Windows and can I download the format of the app for iOS and upload it to the app storie?

Hi Stefano,

Not yet, but almost...MIT is still developing this function.


so you can't create ready-made Mac apps from Windows?

Only Android.

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but from this link I can download MIT app inventor iOS can I then make apps for ios? can I then upload them to the app store?


Right now, you can only test apps on iOS, not publish apps.

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ok so i can't save the app i create in a format to upload it to the apple store?

Thank you

You can't.

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so what can i do? create app and save it in my profile mit inventor on line?
Thank you

Yes, you can do that by publishing your app to the App Inventor Gallery.

Ok I hope soon to be able to download files and upload to the store, apple.
Thank you

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Actually more apt in the App Inventor for ios category :wink:


Hi, sorry then it's true now you can create apps with ios

thank you

according to you there is a way to convert android apk to ios

You could try using an online .apk to .ipa convertor, but beware for fake/phishing links and sites.

thank you by chance you know one of them?
thank you

Unfortunately, I do not know any.