How do I convert android apk to ios app?

Sorry Nishyanth, according to some sources, you cannot convert .IPA files to .APK, or the exact opposite. You have to do that from scratch.

Quoted from stackoverflow:

Android apk can't be converted to iOS ipa . Only possibility is either you devlop cross platform(xamrin/react native/ionic/flutter) app project which can share common code and some android/ios platform specific code.

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You can see the progress of the functions of MIT App Inventor iOS Companion completed here:

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sorry but it is finally possible to create apps for iOS and publish them on the Apple store?

No. Not yet. When that capability is available, MIT will provide an announcement. A guess is this will not happen soon. You can continue to build apps using the ios Companion but will not be able to publish until Apple and App Inventor settle issues.

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What or who is the hold up please? I'd like to know the details or issues on why this is not progressing.
Thanks, Jim.

Many of us are anxiously awaiting the release of the iOS compiler.
What is the holdup ? Are there problems with the compiler? Are the problems with Apple?
(Is there anything the user community can do to speed the release? i.e. Lean on Apple.)



1.) ios for AI is still buggy. It originally was a Project expected to be completed in about a year; now several years on, it is still not complete as it is a huge project.
2.) App Inventor must comply with Apple's guidelines. ios compiler will be available to developers when Apple is satisfied Companion meets Apple's requirements. . At present, it doesn't. MIT is in continual discussions with Apple.

  • if you have Java / Swift skills; volunteer to help develop code.
  • continue testing ios with the Companion and report issues in the community.
  • donate to the App Inventor program. MIT has a small development staff. This requires resources.
    ios is not the only activity App Inventor must support. Google is making changes frequently to the security of the Android operating system. App Inventor must adjust to and support Android in addition to ios development.
  • Check out our iOS development progress at

Reality Check:

  • Making App Inventor compatible with ios is a huge technological problem ; much larger than originally anticipated.
  • Apple's operating system cannot do easily what can be done on Android 'easily'.
  • Some (many) components on AI2 Android have no comparable function in ios.
  • ios probably will never be as robust as AI2 Android (see When will IOS version be available to the public? - #63 by ewpatton ). Huge issues involve BlueTooth, extensions and how to provide services on ios comparable to Android for all components.
  • Not happy. Use a platform that can create ios apps and Android apps in one go (notably Delphi Community Edition and B4x) now or just be patient and/or use Thunkable if you don't have the skills to use a scripting language. Delphi CE is free, B4a (is free although the ios version that uses has a nominal fee).

hi everyone, do you know if you can finally create apps on ios
Thank you

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Your answer is : No

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