How Do I Change Color Main Interface?

Hello Friends.. I wanna Change Color In AppInventor Source How To Du It. Please Help Me . See Sample Image ..

Ya.css contains the style definitions for the UI. You'll want to make your changes there.


sir , i had change ya.css but above the number 4 is change.. but any not change so dont know why..
i try due this

Hi @jana
you need to change this line :slight_smile:


background-color: #8fc202; this one is ok. but how can edit other?

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Other = ???

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see above the image.. i wanna change all pleases in above the picture.. No 1,2,3,4,5,6 how can i see in this in ya.css

I'd highly recommend that you become more familiar with the development tools available in your browser. You can select the elements in question, see what CSS classes are applied, and it will also tell you what file and line number the CSS class is defined at so you can quickly locate and make changes.


Thank You Very much ewpattonMIT Sir And All My Friend.. This My design

my another Question is how to ad new How to Add New Component Category like this pic?

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Add your category here

also, add here for docs mapping

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Parva My Project Is Ok..

Really Really Thank you.. :heart: :heart:


your welcome

builder No I Make My Own Appinventor. I think we should share our knowledge. I do not like to sell knowledge at all
Thanks for leaving a message

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All members of community are ready to share thair knowledge but atleast you need to do some homework first.

Creating new builder is not easy and according to me It is not good idea because why not create one powerful platform which have not any bugs.


Hello My Friends My i wanna add custom Package Name like this how to add this.

have you done any homework? why you always ask everything in community?


@moderators can you please my above post as its recieving flags...

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I'm not sure what you're asking us to do. People will flag posts if they are off topic or irrelevant.


@jana your UI looks cool, but can you tell how did you change these colors? like this :point_down: 1, 2, 3

can you help @preetvadaliya

check CSS file for colors.