How do I build a program like Google Maps?

I want to create an application like Google Map in which the user finds his location and moves to it by selecting a location.
please guide me.
About blocks and designer

Use the Map component

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Help me a little more I have a problem with the map.

...and the problem is ..?

The problem is that I do not know English and I use Google Translate, so the descriptions move and it is a little difficult for me to understand.

What have you tried, which item / procedure / action do you not understand ?

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This discussion might help you use the Map component. How to put my location on a map - #2 by SteveJG . The code produces a Map with your location. It does not show a route to another location you might want to drive to. If you need that,, then you should be using the Navigate component HOW TO: Use the Navigate control along with the Map.

If the example does not help you, please explain what is not working and what you want to happen in more detail. You can ask your question in your own native language if that would help make things clearer. :slight_smile:

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