How do I access USB drive of Android device?

Good day. Does it possible to grant root access to my app? I have a device Odroid XU4 with root from the manufacturer, Android version 4.4. I added ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission inside of manifest file, but, seems, nothing changed. SuperSu app didn't ask about request when my app started. My goal - to obtain a access to information from usb drive. Maybe, other way exist.

Does you phone have OTG capabilities (see ). If your Android does have OTG capabilities , you might be able to use an OTG dongle.

An OTC dongle can be used with an OTG capable phone to read the content of an USB memory stick. It used to be possible to use the File control to read the content of a stick as you would a file in storage on the Android. What you need to do might be similar.

No, my device - it is a single - board computer, it has inbuilt usb ports. One of them has constant path /storage/usb3host. When I'm getting the full path of file (image), it is shown with Notifier component. But, when I'm put this path as a source of Image component, it doesn't show.

Hello Vladislav

The issue generally -the Google Security Measures. However, you should be able to access most storage areas in Android 4.4. What you need is a full, absolute path. To find that path, you may have to hook-up to your PC via USB.

If you have a full path, you should not have an issue setting it to an Image Component. I would imagine that the USB drive would have to be plugged in before the App was run. Also - test the App as an APK.

.... you might like to try moving the image from the USB path to the pictures folder (App Inventor File Blocks) and then assigning the Image Component. I know that is not ideal, but if it works......

... re the full path, make sure you have typed it in 100% correct :upside_down_face: Whenever I have any issue of this kind, I always get someone else (my wife!) to check I have not made a typo, it's very difficult to spot your own error.

This extension, intended for recent Android versions, might also be a solution:

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Thank you so much for your help. I'll try this. But, returning to my first question - is it any way to grant root permission to my app, made with Appinventor?

There is no such all seeing all dancing permission for Apps, regardless of what platform was used to create them. Imagine if there was - nobody's phone would be safe.

Unfortunately, app with SAF extension, cannot be installed on Android 4.4... Parsing error.

Only a slim chance of success, though you should not need the extension.

Can we see your Blocks?
Right-mouse in the Blocks work area and select "Download Blocks as image"

Button2 pressed after Button1.

I feel, that path /storage/usb3host - virtual, but I don't know how to get real path..

Interesting. What does the file url return?

Try this:


Btw, try to set the minSdkVersion = 19 in the Manifest:


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Thank you very much. Really, file:// solved my issue.

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