How do I access a call logs page?

i wanted to open call history page (not contacts page) on a button click and return that value. is there a way? please help!

So you want when a button is clicked it will return the history list value?

yes i wanted that

so for wht you need to open call history

so if i can pick the last caller number then i'll send that num to another db for further functionalities

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so i think you don't need open call history, you only need to take the call history list when the button is pressed right?

yes please that is what i was looking 4

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Okay first try this extension, maybe it helps :

okay let me look into it :blush:

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checked it but not that was

that is creating a call log. not returning call logs
i want to view call logs and select one of it like a listpicker

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okay I'll thinking about it

okay i'll keep hoping i get a solution

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or another way..
lets say i have a text field or a label then if i get an incoming call then return/display that incoming call number on that label or text field. is that possible?

i guess nup/yup

I'm sure I have solved your problem, so it would be nice if you close this topic. Thank you :wink:

That isn't the solution Salman - nice try.


Hello. I am using this extension but it seems that it provoques a "908 error" when trying to make direct phone calls with the PhonCall block. Can you modify this point ? Regards.

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@ChrisWard I'm sorry, I think you want me to share the link here :

I'm sorry, I can't fix that :pray: