How can I transform multiple selected elements in list where every element that is being selected it's separated each by each?

ok so... the title says everything about my problem. I used tinydb where the data comes from a csv by google sheets, the data that is stored it's displayed on a listview and, for now, when I click an element, the listpicker selection is displayed (1 or more selections) in an entire label, the problem is that I can't then use this to delete something from the multiple selections that I made.
For example:
If I want to buy something I can select multiple products to buy, then, If I want to remove something, instead of deleting all the selections, I can simply delete that one that I don't need
please help

If your "multiple selected items" are in a list, then you can work with that list to remove a specific item by index or name. Then redraw the listview with the remaining list items....

I want them in a List, but I have them on a label

Then put them into a list :slight_smile:

how, that's what I'm asking

Do you need to delete the items from the original Google Sheet too, or is this like a shopping cart app where the Google Sheet remains as is?

Note that when you delete from a list, the list collapses its indexes so that there are no gaps. That means if you are deleting multiple items, you must start from the end (highest index number) and work your way back by -1 to 1 to not slip a cog.

To keep track of multiselect in preparation for deletion, keep a parallel list of true/false values to mark which items are fodder for a mass operation.

YAML format is a handy way of building Elements that can be broken back into multi-attribute objects.

I like split at \n to turn multi-line display Elements back into list items.

You have only used words so far. how about helping us by showing images of your relevant blocks / app screen?

yes yes I will send project right now
appsayonata_revised_6 (1).aia (71.6 KB)

Your app looks like a shopping cart app.

Here is a way to do that using two TinyDB NameSpaces...

I will try again. Some people do not have time to download an aia, load it up on their AI2, then spend time searching for your "relevant blocks" or running the project on companion to see where the issue lies....

yes, don't worry, sorry again

have you had some time to check my project?

it is a breakfast ordering app

No, because you have not provided your relevant blocks / apps screenshots etc.

but I sent you the whole project you can understand it well

Are you, for whatever reason, unable to provide the relevant blocks ?

Here are all your blocks, tell me where the problem is:

ok, I don't know how to say it, when I click cancella_ordine I want to see my elements picked from lpOrdinaDolci (if I select cornetto and something else for example) because for now I have lpListaDolci selection
I mean like something that can divide the elements that I chose from the Sweets list (ordina dolci) into different rows like the original List containing all the sweets. I'm doing it because then I can delete one of sweets from cancella_ordine
please man help me it's 2 days that I'm trying to understand, thank you very much in advance

I personally believe you need to start again, but before you do, use a pen and paper to work out exactly how you app will look and work, leaving nothing out, so that you know what an how you have to build. This will be much easier and better than trying to fix what you have now. See about for @ABG 's Fruit Stand example.

the problem is that I'm new on this platform, I wanted to study a coding language but my teacher told me to use this instead, and he told me that the app is for 25 may and I'm really stressed out
the app for the fruit stand would be still easy because there you don't provide a link containing the price and name of the product
please if someone can take some time to look on my project that would be very grateful

Can you prepare an English version of your app, for those of us who don't know your language?

Unfortunately, AI2 can't translate blocks images and embedded text.