How can I transform multiple selected elements in list where every element that is being selected it's separated each by each?

yes when I will finish school (in 5 hours) I will modify everything so it will be easier for you to read

From your descriptions of the problem, I suspect you are having trouble with dividing the menu into sections like appetizers,drinks, entree, soups,salads, dessert.

Do not code separate sections for those.

Instead, add an extra column to your menu table identifying which section that food belongs to.

You need to keep two menu tables at run time...

  • Full menu
  • Filtered menu

Look near the bottom of the list blocks palette for the filter block.

Add a list Picker to help pick menu sections.

Reload your menu item selection Elements from the unique food names in the filtered menu.

here is the project in eng
appsayonata_revised_6_checkpoint1.aia (71.7 KB)

I need to see in Cancel_sweet_from_order all my seleted sweets (they can be 1 or more) the problem is that the sweets list is a list from google sheets and I don't have any idea on how to do it
please help

I suggest simplifying your ordering by allowing people to add to the Customer_Order list from either menu, but use a common List Picker or ListView to show the combined sweets and drinks order.

After an item is selected from the combined customer order list, retain the selectionIndex for use in a remove list item block (from CustomerOrder), followed by reloading the Elements of the selection component.

Do not keep separate buttons for removing drinks or sweets.

I am guessing you are part of a project team, and different team members got drinks and sweets. Do not be afraid to crush their spirits by rewriting their parts to force them into conformity with a common app architecture. The team grade depends on it.

I see you have not coded the bill calculation part yet.
All those pretty Euro marks will have to be stripped out, and the embedded price commas will have to be replaced with periods to make the numbers usable for AI2 math blocks.

English version of your app blocks, for others to comment...)

thanks to everyone but I solved everything and my app is done