How can i store data in tiny db of buttons state switch on and off

and pls provide me any aia file also.

Here is a sample app:
Sample  run

Screen1 blocks:

Screen2 blocks:

Screen1 Designer:

TinyDB_Button_states.aia (8.2 KB)

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buttons_state_stored_to_tiny_db.aia (10.0 KB)

hey buddy pls help to store the button state and label color tnto tinydb
,whenever i open the app then it read the last state of the buttons and label color.
when you open the attached aia file then you can understand what i want.

If you are asking for help, I recommend you to make it as easy for others to be able to help you ...
You probably will get more feedback then...

which means in your case post a screenshot of your relevant blocks...

To download the aia file, upload it to App Inventor, open it, do some bug hunting for you, etc... this takes time, and most people will not do that...
Thank you.


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OK i understand, i am new here in this community that's why i did something wrong.
thanks for your important feedback.

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