How can i send and save data to online server then receive it on other device?

hey there im working on an app that gets orders from costumer and sends them to seller.
how should i do it so the orders of costumer goes to an online server then server sends those orders to sellers device?
please help me <3

You can directly send the order to the seller?

yes but it has to be through the internet

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You can use Cloud DB or Firebase

its kind of 2 part app. 1 for the costumer and 1 for seller. in seller version app i just need to get the orders and give a pushed notification that the new order received.

So, it may need background actions. :upside_down_face:

You can use this extension-


Hello Amin

Do you have your own website/server for this requirement? If it is with a hosting company, your account most likely already has a database facility (SQL). So customers can send orders to the site and the site can alert the Seller. Note that it's necessary to encrypt personally identifiable information and the site should be Https protected too.

So how is the Customer gong to pay the Seller?