How can I remove the white bar above on screen keyboard when typing in a textbox in landscape

Hello, I am working on an game where I need to type in a textbox when a phone is in landscape mode. However, when I click the textbox a big white box appears above the onscreen keyboard blocking the rest of the screen. I need this removed, if this was not there then i would still see everything I need. I tested on other apps and it works its just MIT app inventor apps as far as I can see.

You don't get one in portrait mode.....

Looks like an android/keyboard "feature" to me ...

yeah my thoughts as well but I have tried on other android applications and the bar doesn't appear its just MIT app inventor ones. I looked through every keyboard setting on he phone that I could find and the only one that removed it was having a floating keyboard, but that wont work for what I want. I have tried on a few phones and on the ios companion app but all same thing.

You are using a Classic Theme and possibly Fixed Sizing ; try using Device Default Theme and Responsive Sizing. If you change these settings, what happens?

Share your aia project for an overview.

I don't want my project shared publicly yet as I have put a lot of work into it. Is there a way I can send it to you privately ?

Tried this, didn't work unfortunately

You can make a copy of the project, remove blocks, and only share the interface itself, because that's where the problems are.
After that, I believe that if someone is using free software and expects free help, they should be ready to share the project for help or advice.

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Sending in a private message is also possible, but for educational reasons it would be better if everything is in the general forum.

I didn't think about the educational purposes of it. Okay I will just send it as is then give me 5 mins

When I do something similar in an Android 8.1, the keyboard does not obscure. However, if I run the app in the native emulator, I get the same response. Are you using an emulator? Try a real device.

Your response might be your Android version. The emulator is about an Android 4 (or close).

Okay here is the app so far, sound section is empty and hack is in progress the rest should work (feedback welcomed).

vault hack section is where problem is:
MemoryGames_copy.aia (480.5 KB)

I have tried on 3 real devices all have the same problem

What Android versions. I see do not see this issue using Companion with an Android 8.1. Oh well.

I get it in Android 11 (landscape mode only)

I have tried android 10 and 11

This is on an Android 8.1 Tablet. :slight_smile:

If it is an android thing it is probably because it thinks the keyboard blocks the textbox on the screen so it shows it above bigger. have you tried it on a android 8.1 phone ? I believe because its a bigger screen on a tablet it might not have the same effect.

but again I only have this issue on MIT app inventor apps not any other app I have tried when typing in landscape mode

In android 9, same problem. It is simply an enlarged text field. I think @ewpatton could say something more about why this is so and is it possible to change something to make it different.
I also noticed that your game uses different screen orientations. You can redo the last screen to use it vertically.

I cant use the last game vertically because depending on the difficulty you have 6 different tiles with the numbers and info on them (click the button and after the time runs out the info shows) , you then have a time limit to enter the information such as text colour or what the text says to pass the level (works on the basis of a modified stroop effect problem ) so the tiles need to be as big as they currently are otherwise any smaller and the small bits of information are to hard for the user to see :slight_smile: