How can I make Doc file reader?

How can I make a Doc Fille (Document file) Reader App with speicific font ???

Forget about the font, how do you open a doc file in app made with AI2?

So it can't possible??

Hello Sunmoon.

By 'Doc File', are you referring to Microsoft Word files? The difficulty is, there are different versions of the .doc format, and all except the latest (internally an open XLM format ".docx") are proprietary. However, most versions of Microsoft Word itself can save an .rtf file (rich text file which is man-readable and retains data such as font family, font attributes etc) or a .txt file (which loses all decoration). So if the files are yours, you can instead use a different format.

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Perhaps this discussion will help you to read a .docx file using a WebViewer How to view a .docx file in app inventor

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