How to view a .docx file in app inventor

I need to show some documents in my app, can it be done with ms word or google docs?
please guide

This method may help:

The use of the google viewer may show other formats as well

I looked at it but can't figure out how to use it, do I get a url? @TIMAI2

Use the first method to open the docx file in device browser.
Get you docx files onto your sdcard, not in assets.

You will need this mimetype for docx files:


how to get it in sdcard?
what to do with the mimetype?

Sorry but I am a newbie @TIMAI2

OK, let us start again.

Where are you intending the docx files to be for your users to view them? On the device, online somewhere? Somewhere else ?

As far as I understand, you cannot access files in assets to view them in the method above once the app is compiled.

I want it to be viewed online...

Can you be more precise?

On your own server? On google drive? on another server somewhere ?

Do you have urls for these files?

Google drive

In which case get the shared link for a docx file.
Use a webviewer component
Set the gotoUrl to the shared link
This should simply just open the document for viewing

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