How can I make a clean calendar, a do-list that allows me to choose a date, day of the week and time?

Ok. It was a project to "play" with dictionaries and clock...for sure, it can be improved in a lot of ways.

It can be improved by someone who knows how to proceed.
I first understand its current function and then I see

I took a quick peek into Calendario.
We need good calendar samples.

Things to watch out for:

  • places where TinyDB returns 'not found' but following blocks assume it will be a list. Use Create Empty List or add if/then protection downstream
  • adding and subtracting days to yyyyMMdd formatted dates. Interesting things will happen near end of month.

Yes, this was one thing I saw when I did in the past this project...that is a point to improve.

Other thing I didn't like was that tasks and times were handled separately... a better way would be to manage them paired.

Anyway I hope it helps to the PO as a starting point.

I have always like this calendar approach by @Kevinkun.

Just select a date in the calendar, and show the events you have associated with that date.

calendar with todo list.aia (14.7 KB)

Here is the calendar with to-do list.
You can select a date by click on the button, and the todo list on that day (if any) will show up.
select the listview item, you will get a choice to modify it or delete it.
The date with todo event will have bold text.

How to add event and modify event:

(edit: we'd better take the 'sort list block' out of 'if...elseif...block')

How to show the event on the listview:

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It looks great. I will try it right away

Wouldn't it be better if there was the possibility and on which dates we have written an appointment or plan to do something?
The way I saw it with an AI companion connection, in order to see the scheduled appointments, you have to remember the date...

oops sorry, I just noticed that on the days I make the appointments, those show the dates in bold.

Looking at it again, I see that the dates appear below a bit cut off and this makes it a bit confusing to see them in bold to know what day we booked an appointment.
I tried to change the height of the buttons and of the Arrangements but the appearance remains the same

set the button height here.

Thanks very much

I put this very good calendar in another application with many virtual screens but it throws a lot of errors and doesn't show the month numbers, in the option to delete an appointment it throws an error.
I covered some of the bugs here...

I do a comparison check with yours and I don't find any differences in the blocks and in the design part, in the blocks it doesn't give me a message in the warnings shows, they are all 0.
I customized its buttons with their corresponding numbers and they still don't show up.

Can you give any idea what could be wrong?
If I need to upload the AIA file, I will

virtual screens is not an iron rule you muse obey. No need to put everything in one screen.

This is completely understandable.
So for this calendar I will make it with a second screen.
All this with the already installed 8 other apps that work properly, is an experiment for me and if I succeed, I could have 12 apps in one, including this calendar of yours.
Now I will try it with the second screen

Can't see any reason why it should not work inside a vertical arrangement. In testing it works fine here.

I can't answer why, otherwise I would fix the problem.
As a stand-alone application it works perfectly, but parallelizing it with a control, I can't find where the error is, nor in the blocks it comes out in Show Warnings some error

I put the calendar on a second screen and not on the first one on one of the 12 virtual ones, it works well, but wanting to connect it to the tabs menus and have them work as well as on the first screen, there was a problem of operation and a puzzle how to connect the virtual screens with the menu tabs in this second screen.
I thought of a solution with a back button to the first screen but it would be better, I would also like in the second screen to open the virtual 12 of the first screen

I tried it a few days ago and it worked very well. Today I try it and it gives this error, without doing any operation

It still works for me...what have you changed?

To be sure, I downloaded it again from here and saw that it gives me the same problems.
I didn't change anything.
I will download it again and now one more time
I like that you make it possible for me to be able to look at all the appointments I go through.

Very strange. I downloaded it again and with an AI companion connection it gives me the same message again, I will transfer it normally to my mobile to see how it will work