How can i Download image from firebase

How can i Download image after upload it in firebase?

  • i upload image by using base64

Firebase storage, realtime database, or Firestore?

Firebase Realtime Database

Then get the value from the tag for the base64 string, and use an extension to either display or save the image. You can use the canvas to do both.

i am beginner at AI2, can you plz explain which extension should i use or how??

If you use the canvas, once you fetch the base64 string from the firebase tag, set the canvas background using the backgroundImageFromBase64 block, to display the image in the canvas. If you want to save the image as a file, then use the canvasSaveAs block to save the image to file on your ASD.

Best extension to use to convert a base64 string back to an image is:

Also see here:

could you plz tell me how can i use ''save as'' block

any block with a input socket:

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thanks for your reply