How can I convert text to "number"?

How can I convert text to "number"?


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Unclear what you mean / want:


Please read this first:


I want to convert "text of label 1(random integer)" to number format...

Such question already exists. Try searching before you post

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And again: unclear ...
Show examples and read the mentioned guide.

A number present in a text string will be treated as a number and not text.


Sorry, @Alaqmar_Bohori but I had tried that 2 weeks ago and it didn't work for me.

But it works, isn't it?
What did not work for you?

I have used this method in my app and have never faced any issues

2 weeks ago I and a few classmates tried using a string directly as a number. And it gave me an error message.

Could you show the error?

I want to


Label7(text) →  number        

How can I ?

I don't exactly remember, neither do I have any screenshots

Is there any specific reason to covert it to number? Because as I showed, all operations work good with a text string containing only numbers

text "17" → number "17"

How ????

... and again:

So where is the problem and what is the goal?

If you must:


but as previously said, the string will be treated as a number in mathematical operations. However, the number may be treated differently in (online databases) - e.g. firebase/mySQL/sqLite - but this will depend on how you transfer it.


May we know?

maybe you mean like this :


Or maybe something like this :

@mal_ju never mentioned comparing of the spelling and numeral of any number!
@Salman_Dev kindly do not go off topic