How can I convert a link into a sentence such as "click here"?


I have these blocks to send an email, in which I send a link to a web page, how can I automatically hide this link and put for example "click here".
the link is written in the label5

the resulting email is this ,and what I want to change is the link that is crossed in red ,

Hello David,

have you tried Click here ?

You can hide the link by switching the label to html mode. And put the text in it as Ramon showed. But the link will not be clickable. To make it clickable, use the LabelPlus extension.

sorry Patryk_F , I don't understand what you are saying about the listview extension.
it is true that it does change the text to "click here" but it does not open the link.

your block image is too low resulution, please upload a clear one.

we have an extension to make send email very simple:

thanks, but I just need to hide the link sent in the mail by "click here" and open the link.
with the code you told me Ramon it hides the link but it doesn't open the link :frowning:


where are you viewing this email content?

Finally it works with the Ramon code
now works and opens the link when the email is sent

Sorry, I meant the LabelPlus extension and I wrote ListView. I don't know why :laughing:

Are html links really clickable in the label? Do they open anything when you click?

No, I send the link in an email and the person who receives it can open the link

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