How can I change screens using spinner?

How to change screens using spinner?

Please look at this :

Or watch this video :

no not this i created a spinner with all the states. If i select one state i want to open another screen

Do You Know How To Use A Spinner

no not much

these are the blocks i used

You have to learn from here :

got it used the same blocks but was doubtfu;

why, You must try

You have to use spinner selection block instead of spinner elements in your loop

Try this:

thankyou @Shruti

Please read
from FAQ Section: Screens
before you go any further in your coding.

Ok, it works but when I try to do it again with a different item it says it's a duplicate event handler

This means that you added more than one time the block when Spinner.AfterSelecting. You only need one block and when using if ... then control block click on gear - mutator to add more conditions in statement

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