Hide the keyboard - does not work

Above ListView1 I display EasyDialog1, where I have 2 txtboxes and 3 buttons. In btnZapisat I have


The keyboard will not be hidden even with the command:

Where am I doing wrong?


Are you calling the hide keyboard inside the easy dialog ?

Provide a simple repeatable example.



Where exactly in your screenshot do you use thr HideScreenshot method? I can't find it...

Also why not following this suggestion



I am attaching proc btnZapisat, where is Screen1.HideKeyboard.

How many textboxes are there on the screen?
Please provide an example app as simple as possible to elicit that issue and add it into this thread, so someone can take a look
Note: as you know, adding projects into the community, which contain paid extensions is not permitted
Thank you


Well, unfortunately, I can't put the whole app here, because I have a paid TaifunSQLite1.....
TxtBoxes are in the upper part of the hoto thread under the label "Autor:" and "Názov knihy:"....

And again:

the whole app is not a small example as simple as possible
obviously your hide keyboard issue is something completely unrelated to the sqlite extension...
what about providing a small example project as simple as possible and without any extensions to demonstrate the issue?

you forgot to answer


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I didn't forget to answer, I'm just doing a million things at once, like a proper retiree....
I am posting a simple project that works…
So I really don't know where the problem could be...
HideKeyboard.aia (2.3 KB)

No issues at all with your test aia.
Where is the problem? Android version / device?
Post screenshots ...

Posting a working project does not really help to find your issue..

Unfortunately we still did not get an answer to the question

Please send me your project as PM or by email and describe in detail, what exactly I have to do to elicit the issue

Did you try another device?


HUAWEI Mate 10, Android 8.0.0

Does that still happen if you switch EasyDialog to Alpha Dialog?

Unfortunately, the site refuses to download Alfa Dialog...

Oh, you will need to create a Kodular community account in order to download the file...

You will need to login to the Kodular community to access their downloads