Hidden Spinner Problems

Heya, I got a problem.
I wanted to make an app with a hidden spinner, and then have something happen after the choice is selected.
Problem, the block "when Spinner# .AfterSelecting" does not trigger after making a selection when the spinner is marked as not visible.
I made a test app to see if I could verify that this is happening, and it seems to be able to do this every time.
If anyone else could verify that this is happening on their device, then please download the app! I have a Galaxy A50.
Thank you!
SpinnerTest.aia (2.2 KB)

(Image of blocks above)

See here for how to work with the spinner component.
If you hide the spinner it will not work, so make it tiny: 1x1 pixels

So is there any reason other than a bug for why the spinner cannot function properly when hidden?

And also, if I set it to 1*1, there will still be a small white pixel visible, and while this is fine on the default color screen, a darker color makes it stand out more. Is there a way to change spinner color?

It is an android component, and this is the way it works.....(same with the canvas - you cannot draw on it if it is not visible)

The spinner will usually not be visible under these circumstances (place it accordingly):

  • Place the spinner directly on a screen that is aligned left
  • Place the spinner to the first component on the left inside a horizontal arrangement that is set to fill parent, aligned left
  • Place the spinner to the right of another component inside a horizontal arrangement and set the horizontal arrangement to vertically centred
  • Spinner (1x1px) needs to be below another component sized at @ 2px in a vertical arrangement set to 1px high
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It is primarily intended as a control for the User to select from - and the User can't do that if it is hidden. Obviously not a bug.

Ok, thank you for your help!!
I also found that if I set an arrangement to 100 percent, then it will push the pixel off the screen, but it still works.
Thank you!

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