Hi everyone I wanna ask how to add scores to my app

So, basically, i created an app called safetrees. i wanted to add a point system. when user plant a tree, 100 points are added. when user scan a dangerous tree, 50 points are added.
however, i tried adding variables but found out that it cant go through mutiple screens!
what should i do?
pls help! thx

You can use better "virtual" screens (on only one real screen).

How to use Virtual Screens - Tutorials and Guides - MIT App Inventor Community

Pull in the TinyDB component and keep score under tag SCORE with default value 0

thx a lot

how to use tinydb?


StoreValue block, to store your score, and GetValue block, to recover the stored value. You must use the same tag in both blocks.

The save score part:


For this infraction, I sentence you to community service, having to answer a week's worth of questions about error messages including " " + 1


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