Help with TinyDB and creating charts/graphs

Hi there I am quite new to MIT App inventor.

I want to create charts/graphs using data stored within TinyDB. Below is my demo display

How could I create something where users could create there unique ID and then the data entered via weeks and weight could save. When a user comes back to the app and does the login the graph shows what they had last time.
This is my current block for creating the chart when entering data into the TinyDB I am just stuck on how to link it too a login system. I am new and not sure where to start. Any help is greatly appreciated!

give a sample data you want to show on chart.

This is a potential data sample that could be used. The charts primary function will be to track a persons weight through weeks.

And your app is for your self only (run only on your phone), or run on several phones? will the user can check other's data? You need to tell us more abour your app.

For how to use Chart component, you can read this:

This app will only be used for myself but I would like to create an ID so I can store and test different sets of data for different weights.

Thank you for sharing that charts and graphs forum.

Add another column to your sheet named ID, for filtering by ID.

Store your unique ID in TinyDB under tag ID.

If you're using multiple IDs, store another tag IDs with a list of them, and use a List Picker to support switch of ID