Help with the list picker behavior

I have a test phone that has Android 8.1 on it. In the app inventor IDE, the list picker appears as a drop down list with text from the attribute 'text' however on the phone it appears as a black oval (compressed to half of the height of the app inventor IDE) and there is no text. It functions as a list when clicked on, but there is no text.

Is this an issue with testing on Android 8? Also, is there a way to get the selecteditem text to show up in the list picker like with .net, rather than having to use an adjoining label to display the chosen option?

Export your .aia file and post it here.

More information is needed to diagnose this.

Attached is the file

app.aia (180.4 KB)

You chose Responsive in your Project Properties, a good thing:

But you set a fixed number of px for your Arrangement Heights:

That has the effect of cutting off the text that is displayed.
Use percentages instead, and follow Responsive Design principles.
from FAQ Section: Screens

You can use scrollable screens or vertical arrangements if you can't fit it all, or just mark them all invisible until needed.

This is how you set the List Picker to show the selection when closed:

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Thank you very much, that fixed it

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