Help with the drop down in title

I want to know how to add elements to this drop down menu.

The MIT App Inventor Companion has customized it, so I want to know if it is possible to do so.

Thanking in advance,
RR Media

You can not. In the Screen properties there is an “AboutScreen” property and there you can add your own info to the dialog there. You can then remove the “Invented with MIT App Inventor” text by adding <!-- to the end.

Otherwise you can create a custom title bar with a HA, labels and button and when button pressed you could show your own menu that you have created. See how

So is it really impossible? But the MIT AI2 Companion App has a settings in the menu?

As I told you you can only change About this appilication info. It is easy to create your own menu, just follow example in above link

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Thank you @Faraz_Firoz for this extension. Just what I needed :wink: :exclamation:

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Welcome @RR_Media

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