Help with notify v3 extension

Hi everyone.
i was wondering if anyone could help with the below, i cannot get the notification to show correctly, not sure what i'm doing wrong..
thanks in advance for your help

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Where is notify 3 from? Do you have a link to the extension's documentation & download page ?

Sorry I got it off a youtube video, link was to a Google drive.. it was in Russian and entirely accidental that I came across it.

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You could use other notifier extensions available in the community.

They have proper documentation, better ways to debug the extensions, easy response, and easy help from others if you drive into a problem.

Notify_v3 it is an extension created by @Ken . Unfortunately documentation in AppyBuilder's and Thunkable's community no longer exist

Perhaps you can share the link, we can add the extension to our "lost" topic ? :smiley:



OK, now we have all that sorted out (Thanks Dora), what are the display issues you are experiencing with the extension, Samuel?

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Im developing an app that uses a notification extension called Notify_V3 developed by Kens. The problem is App Inventor got updated and changed its target SDK to 31. So I cannot use Notify extension because I got a Runtime Error: Targeting S+ (version 31 and above) requieres that one of FLAG_INMUTABLE or FLAG_MUTABLE be specified when creating a PendingIntent.

You are correct.

The extension needs to be updated to handle the PendingIntent/s correctly

@Ken needs to update the extension to be SDK31 compatible... as he is not active in the community anymore, we do not know, if he will find the time to do the update...
You might want to look for an alternative extension