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Hi everybody need help with JSON
I'm new, please help me
I have this answer

"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"result": [
"hostid": "10402",
"proxy_hostid": "0",
"host": "AE3649PA",
"status": "0",
"disable_until": "0",
"error": "",
"available": "1",
"errors_from": "0",
"lastaccess": "0",
"ipmi_authtype": "-1",
"ipmi_privilege": "2",
"ipmi_username": "",
"ipmi_password": "",
"ipmi_disable_until": "0",
"ipmi_available": "0",
"snmp_disable_until": "0",
"snmp_available": "0",
"maintenanceid": "0",
"maintenance_status": "0",
"maintenance_type": "0",
"maintenance_from": "0",
"ipmi_errors_from": "0",
"snmp_errors_from": "0",
"ipmi_error": "",
"snmp_error": "",
"jmx_disable_until": "0",
"jmx_available": "0",
"jmx_errors_from": "0",
"jmx_error": "",
"name": "AE3649PA",
"flags": "0",
"templateid": "0",
"description": "",
"tls_connect": "1",
"tls_accept": "1",
"tls_issuer": "",
"tls_subject": "",
"tls_psk_identity": "",
"tls_psk": "",
"proxy_address": "",
"auto_compress": "1",
"discover": "0",
"inventory_mode": "1"
"id": 1

JSON Tools Extension by LukeGackle

Get “hostid”?

So, what have you tried? :thinking:

I watched the presentation, but did not find my example. I ask for help from knowledgeable people

Probably you can just parse it using Dictionary.
See here how to do it:

And then get value for key result.It will return a list so you need to select first item.Then just get the value for key hostid.
Something like this:

The fact is that I don't get the code like this

Through Postman, I get the following text

In App Inventor, this is the code

Well you should check the url and api credentials, if any.

Unfortunately I can't help you with that.

Thank you anyway

Can you show request url

Show the full text response from web

No no request response on your app

Filter contains a JSON array.
So you should add host key as a list item.

"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"method": "host.get",
"params": {
    "filter": {
        "host": [
            "Zabbix server",
            "Linux server"
"auth": "038e1d7b1735c6a5436ee9eae095879e",
"id": 1


the answer is

But doesn't show the result field What's in the [] brackets

And so it was done

host shouldbe a list with 2 items, not a list of list

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Thank you!!!!!

but the above code looks not correct