How do you turn a json file into a dictionary?

I've used the convert JSON text decode block combined with the text from the JSON file. I can't even get one object to convert to a dictionary, let alone the whole file. Attached is the JSON file in case anyone thinks that might be it, but I ran it through a format checker and it said it was alrightAPPINVENTOROCCUPATIONS.json (15.4 KB)

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
(sample video)

The following should decode a correctly formed json to a dictionary

It does not with your file, possibly because it is not correct.

as tested at


The " " around the word CEO broke the JSON. (Thank you @SteveJG)

An old browser (pre-dictionary) with the corrected JSON:
browse_XML_V5.aia (25.0 KB)

(I forgot which of my browsers does dictionaries)

P.S. Here is a better browser for JSON:

tidy_JSON.aia (4.4 KB)

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