Help with Firebase

Why you should clear the tag "PlayerName" before?

Othervise it will make copies of the same player

What is when two players have the same Name?

Good question, the answer is before saving the name to TinyDB use this block

What is the get value standing for?

The get value is the parameter for the when FirebaseDB1 .TagList.

Would this function?

Change that to Firebase

And the rest would work?

Where do you show now the scores and playernames?

There are already many similar topics, so search next time but never mind. See:



or see search results

Ok thank you i will remeber that

You can check the posts there, most of them are solved and work ..... your doubt would be solved.

That is not what i want to do

Also see

See here:

Set LimitToLast to 1 to return the top score

So my problem is i want to get 2 different values out of the server but you can only get 1 value when you use the "get value" block

You could get the first tag, then when the tag and value arrive, save them both and ask for the next tag that you wanted.

What would be the code for getting an tag

Which two values? Name and score ?

Use the REST method as above and it will return both. (given your data is structured accordingly)