Help with Firebase

I want to save the highscore and the name of the guy who did the Highscore and then show them to every player

The highest scorer or the top 10?

The highest

Ok please wait I will try

What if two people have the same score

Then the Guy who had the highscore at first will keep the Highscore
Levelsavedonserver < Level

That sound hard can I arrange them according to their names

The Highscore is easy to make but i can't do the names

That's simple :smile:
When the user first open the app ask them to give a username

What do you mean with arrange according to their names?

Like A - Z

I've done this already and the name of the guy who has the highscore is also saved on the server, but i can't show the name to all players

How can I get an specificate value from the Server? Like I only want to get the Name send from the Server

When the user types the username, save that username with their score to a TinyDB.
Then do this block-

So we can update the Firebase regularly

Why you should clear the tag "PlayerName" before?

Othervise it will make copies of the same player

What is when two players have the same Name?

Good question, the answer is before saving the name to TinyDB use this block

What is the get value standing for?

The get value is the parameter for the when FirebaseDB1 .TagList.