An app to teach kindergarteners Mathematics

Hi I'm making an app that teaches Mathematics,in the app the user answers a series of multiplying mathematic questions for a period of time,for every correct answer there will be additional score,after the period of time it initializes another screen and it will call values from the firebase to check if the score is higher than the scores in firebase and then let user to enter his/her name and then save both the name and the score into the firebase,there can only be 5 highscores too,are there any other tutorials that i can refer to for this

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Use the For Each Item in List block to do the checking part. The code should be -

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Thank you very much

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But my question of how to use the firebase is still not answered yet.

Here is an example of how to setup a leaderboard with Firebase

Sorry to post a week late, but in reviewing your blocks I notice that you are computing a local variable rank in your for each loop, but you never use it.

That looks fishy to me.