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Hi everyone. I need some help. I have a CSV file created from App . This this csv file have 11 rows . I want to separate tis rows to 11 separate lists views , is this possible? And second i need to take the subtotal from the 11row (last row from tis list row "K"



Nope, 11 columns :wink:

Are you sure, this would be very messy. Why not consider displaying the data in a table - You could use the Tableviewer extension for this.

Also, you do not want to do this:


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I suppose you want the sum of the col 11 values.
Here a example with 3 cols, where the the values of the third col are added:

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I try this

Thats it my problem

How do you want to display the data? have you checked the Table extension Tim has pointed you above?

yes but i try to download and i can't


What problem do you have?

have you got a ling for this?

This works for me perfectly (the link provided in the extension topic):

表格视图扩展 - 浮云小站 (

Runtime Error

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method setFontTypeface(Landroid/widget/TextView;IZZ)V in class Lcom/google/appinventor/components/runtime/util/TextViewUtil; or its super classes (declaration of '' appears in base.apk)
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds :face_exhaling:

Have you seen the examples in the extension topic? Share your blocks...

Enla_2_3.aia (48.7 KB)

You are not using the extension we were talking are using other extension...but an out of date version.

If you want to use that extension use this version:

With this extension it also works:

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any ide how i can take tha subtotal from the last colums text??

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