Help with android.permission.SEND_SMS

I need to submit my applications with android.permission.SEND_SMS
because its a panic button, but google all the time rejected it. Any help or trick which i can do?

Google has security precautions that essentially prohibit sending sms direct for most apps submitted to GooglePlay. Google does not want developers to do this. You can create an app that will send direct sms messages for your own use or to distribute on other venues but Google will most likely not allow it on Google Play.

There isn't an Android permission that will allow it. One thing you can do is write to Google, explain what your App does and why it needs to be able to SMS directly. If they think your App is worth while for the task, they may indeed allow it.

If Google don't want to play (pun intended), there are other stores that may not have such restrictions, or you could set-up your own store on your own website.

It may be important here to distinguish between the Android operating system and the Google Play Store. Your app should continue to work fine on Android--this is just a policy "feature" of the Play Store that Google will not publish apps that use the SEND_SMS permission unless they are intended to be the default SMS app for the phone (which your app is not). There are some exception and you must fill out a form to be considered. We tried to do this for the MIT AI2 Companion app and were rejected. You may have better luck than we did.