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Hi, I wonder if anyone can offer me any help please? My son is designing an app for school where he is required to tick checkboxes of food items to add to his basket. He had tried multiple different ways, but still can’t get it to work. Unfortunately I am clueless so unable to offer him any help. I have attached images of his recipe blocks, and also his basket blocks. Please can anyone offer any advice? Thank you.

Maybe this tutorial can help him.

Where is the problem? We need more details and should know what exactly is intended.

Try something like this:

Your son needs to learn about lists, ListViews, and List Pickers.

Here is a sample project …

Also look for the chapter on lists in the free book at

Thank you!

He is creating an app with different recipes where you can add the ingredients you need into a basket. At the moment, when he selects the items he wants and looks in his basket it is just flashing.

Try this:

Thanks for your help!

He has added in the blocks you suggested. When he clicks on the basket it is no longer flashing but still doesn’t do anything. He is only 11 and has never done any coding before so he doesn’t fully understand the function of each different block yet.

Any further suggestions you are able to suggest would be much appreciated. I will attach a picture of the two screens, along with blocks to see if you are able to spot any obvious errors.

Thank you!

To shorten this, send me the aia via PM or post it here.

… and see here:


You must declare the global variable also on Screen “Basket”:


Btw, to take a screenshot (image) of your blocks, make a right mouse click on the Blocks screen:

and post this image here.

Aia? Sorry, completely clueless when it comes to this stuff. :grimacing:

See here:

But I think your problem is solved, if you do what i said:


Thank you! That worked perfectly and he can now access the basket and see his items. The only issue now is that the list goes on and on, and there is no way for him to delete the items. Is there an easy way for him to add that function?

Try this:

Remove a special item (at index 3 in my example) or remove all items.

That worked perfectly, thank you! His app is now working exactly as he wanted it to.

Thank you so much for all your help, you have made a young boy very happy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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