HELP: Update percentage in order of importance

How can I update the percentage of a list according to the order of importance, for example if I update '', '', '1.1.1', '1.1' and '1.1' are updated

Update tablename
set column = your new value
Where EDT LIKE "1%"


what I mean is that if I take for example the EDT '' the '', '', '', '1.1.1', ' 1.1' and then the '1'

like this

so in this case, sort on the length of some field?

try this extension

yes, so to speak, that it takes the EDT of the digits less than the selected one, for example equal to and less than '', and does not take the ones greater than that

  1. redesign your mysql data, do not store value like 1.1.1,but in a number, then you can sort on it when run sql query . or

  2. retrieve your data and sort on your phone by the extension i mentioned.

so that I save the EDT without points, only numbers?

it shows me an error 'empty string'

what did you do?

If possible get the value as a list, order it in ascending(simple sort numbers) then reverse it using this @yusufcihan extension

I have tried , just have a look into it