Help ! Tiny DB with Google sheet

Hello i'm making record application that use tinyDB to store Tags and every tag have 2 Value , i need to make record for many tags then i need to send all this tags one time in google sheet every Tag with 2 value in one row and 2 Colum i already know how to send single record to Google sheet using the script from this community but how to send many records one time ?
any idea

this google sheet which i need after make button called send the stored data

Export CSV data (multiple data) to Google Sheet

ok this help to solve a part of the problem now remining that how to get all the data in Tiny Db Tags in CSV format to send it to google script

This is a FAQ-worthy post, but it's incomplete.

Can those URLs be replaced with JOINs of their parts,
so we can see the critical clauses hidden by the ... ellipsis?

There are no critical clauses in the url, it is just the google apps script url. An example would look like this:
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this way success with me thanks

(added to FAQ)

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