Help test nb188

Hello everyone,

We have updated with a release candidate for nb188. This version of App Inventor will require a new companion, which you can download from the test server under the Help > Companion Information dialog. This update includes the following changes:


  • Add method for extensions to retrieve Canvas bitmap (@XomaDev)
  • Implement element for Android 11 to support BarcodeScanner and SpeechRecognizer components
  • Update all components that write files to follow new DefaultFileScope property in Screen1
  • Add Language property to SpeechRecognizer component
  • Add Armenian translation (@ArmeniaTeam)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix ListView filter functionality to handle backspacing/clearing
  • Reposition block flydowns so that they always appear within the blocks workspace
  • Fix z-index issue causing some elements to appear above error messages (@nirvasangani)
  • Fix some traditional Chinese translations (@toto6038)
  • Move network state permissions specific to the companion app to an internal component
  • No longer trigger AfterTextInput if a Notifier's TextInputCancelled property is implemented
  • Fix an issue where initial Canvas LineWidth was not in device pixels (@preetvadaliya)
  • Fix a null pointer exception in ElementsUtil (@wxbit)
  • Fix typeblocking for "any component" and some built-in blocks (@preetvadaliya)
  • Fix a broken link in the Firebase documentation (@preetvadaliya)
  • Fix contains/contains any/contains all block in traditional Chinese
  • Fix translation of some built-in blocks in traditional Chinese
  • Clean up code issues in ListView and implement some unit tests
  • Fix a null pointer exception when filtering a ListView
  • Fix issue where the last ListView in a screen would receive the events from every ListView
  • Fix issue where map feature infoboxes would not appear


  • Clean up a bad import that would prevent building on some versions of Java
  • Clean up a bad string in generateActivityMetadata (@pavi0240)
  • Move build tools to their own /tools/ directory (@pavi0240)
  • Handle default values cleanly in Compiler (@pavi0240)
  • Fix compiling on Windows when paths include space characters (@MohamedTamer94)

Please help test and report any errors in this thread. I'd also like to give a special thanks to those open source contributors who supplied features and bug fixes for this release (their GitHub usernames are @mentioned next to their changes).

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor


No mention of the two bug fixes for the webviewer? (datauri and file download)

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The way that I generate the changelog between versions wouldn't show those two. They were actually merged for prior versions and the buildserver was updated to reflect them. So they'll be new to the companion but were technically part of a previous release.


I would like to mention myself as one of the contributor on Traditional Chinese translation :slight_smile:


Fair enough, but if they are not in the current release... if not listed they won't get tested....

Thanks for catching that. I've updated the list to include your credit.

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It's the same as with the nb187 release (on Android 11):

  1. If WRITE permission is not declared in the Manifest, it doesn't work.
  2. So DefaultFileScope must be set to Legacy.
  3. The app (incorrectly) requests storage permission.

The test server has been updated to include a fix to this issue:

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:pray: :clap:
More than one listview (side by side) selection problem also solved.

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