Help test nb184a

Hello everyone,

We have been working to fix a number of issues that appeared in nb184 and the team would appreciate your help in testing the next version to ensure it fixes the issues identified. The test server is available here and the corresponding companion is here.

Key changes in this release (bold items need new companion):

  • Implement LegacyMode for File component for Android 10+
  • Implement a universal URL format for assets in WebViewer
  • Fix a crash in Web Put/Post methods when an error occurs
  • Make specific drop areas for projects, extensions, and assets
  • Exclude documentation files from Android Runtime (thanks @pavi2410)
  • Fix empty property descriptions causing bad documentation (thanks @sarthakhanda)
  • Do not allow projects in Trash to be opened
  • Ask to overwrite asset if it is added via drag and drop
  • Detect project name collisions when dragging and dropping a project file into App Inventor

Full release notes here

Thank you and hAPPy inventing,
Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


I can still drop a url in the media area.

Yes, but that's allowed. It's more useful if you were to drag an image, such as this one:


In the case of the URL you're dragging, you'll get App Inventor's index.html, which probably isn't all that useful in your project.

Edit: I guess we could make it so that URLs that don't have a filename get renamed to index.html. I think that's where the confusion primarily lies because right now you get the query string and location href.

Do we need to test on an Android 10+ device ?

I was dragging images but that wasn't working. I could only drag the AI logo from the editor.

After i refreshed the page in the browser i got this


The filename of the AI logo from the designer had changed its name and an empty asset was added.

If i export the aia and look at the assets folder only the logo is there not the empty asset.

Only if you're testing issues related to Android 10. Obviously, things should still be working on earlier versions of Android, but if they aren't let us know.

Ok. I'll look into that. Not sure why the drag from your computer isn't working though. What OS/browser combo are you using? It works for me using Chrome and Firefox on macOS.

I used Chrome on Linux.

I tested some more:

  • Chrome on Linux doesn't work
  • FireFox on Linux works
  • Opera on Linux doesn't work

This is my chrome version Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Can confirm, works on Linux FireFox but not Chrome.


Interesting. It's surprising to me that Chrome doesn't work on Linux but works fine on Windows and macOS, especially in light of the fact that Firefox does work.

Dragging images to the media folder seems to work OK on Chrome's Daddy, Chromium, on my Linux
Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)

However, I needed to refresh the page view to get the correct filename and be able to view it from the media folder (but trying to use the image with the original filename works)

Also able to drag an image onto the Palette on the left, same requirements as above.

And prevent overwrite doesn't happen after a refresh

Dragging aia files to the Project list causes a download of the aia project. Nothing happens if dragged to the palette or designer screen.

Arrgh!! - why this ? Who asked for this one ? Does it affect projects that are published to the Gallery, but stored in Trash ?

Can we have example aia projects for these to test?

I guess this is not related to ios devices, is it?

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You guessed correctly Stefano. The link is about nb184 which is entirely Android.