Ghosts in my app?

an app that was working till this morning, after some updates started to crash.
it happens when passing from screen1 to screen2.
the strange thing is that now also the backups working in the last days have the same problem.
This is happening both on android 10 and 9.
Anyone has any idea? (he/she must be a genius or a god to understand with so small details, i know)

have you changed anything in your app @crlx2 ?

Android 10 has some issues with app inventor
Please show your blocks (or a test .aia file)

not in the backup copies that also were working.
I use the offline version 183c and the companion 2.58a because with the new version of appinventor i started to have problems in saving files on phone.
Is it possible that the problem is this one?:
Some problems coming from the version 184 is that the file aia i'm using since few days is coming from an Exporting (from 184 to 183) and giving me some warning when I open the project telling me that it may contain some errors due to the file saved from a newer version.
How can i manually eliminate the reason of the warnings?

is it possible that you can share your aia or block right here?

i think that the companion isn't working anymore for the earlier version & if you are facing problems with the new version , you can tell which & elaborate it

The app is huge, about 27 MB, complicate to be tested, using files on server.
So I will try to go back to the previous versions in order to eliminate the 184's fields that in the exporting operation might have entered reasons for crashing, or I should wait for a working version of appinventor.
Anybody knows if a fix for 184 will come soon?

now i think that you can make apps with 30MB storage with app inventor (not really sure)

your app is crashing ?
you are facing problem in saving files or the problem is app crash ?

Waiting for it would be of no use
we don't know when there will be a new release

About new release

also ,
if your app is huge
share the blocks
do you know how ?

yes i know
but i still have to understand well what are the blocks crashing, they are changing every time i make a new test (ghosts as i said :slight_smile: ).
i have found an old backup of last week, before v.184, i will start from there and i will report the results.
thanks for the moment

By the way, the server has more capacity for large apps,
if you can figure out how to move it there.

thank you
but i don't think it's a matter of size because it was working well before testing version 184.
I think made the mistake to export from 184 some changes i did to a file aia, and in the next days i continued to work on the version 183c, despite the warnings about possible issues (initially it was working normally)

Just in case, please check that you're running companion 2.59

We don't have an offline version. There is an offline version offered by one of the projects that forks from ours. You may have been exporting from one and importing into the other.

Version 183c was my Ghost Buster.
I had to struggle for checking in the same time old and new version as unfortunately the IDE doesn't help so much with search copy paste, but at the end everything is working like "before using v. 184"