Help Request about Uploading Photo or Camera Picture to specified folder in Server via App Inventor

Hello Taifun;

First of all, I want to thank you for taking your time and reply this message.

I am working in a glass company as a mechanical engineer and EHS specialist.
I am designing an application for our collegues to take some pictures inside of factory area and adding some detailed information for non-conformities.

I have my own web domain and hosting. Now i am making trials on this personal hosting.

I create fields on appinventor and using sas.php to transfer data from app to sql database. I am using image picker and I am able to record selected file name to my sql table.
I also create uploads folder which is located same folder with the sas.php

But i can not transfer selected pictures inside upload folder in server.
I want to try your instructions but failed :frowning:

I kindly ask you to help to add right php codes to my sas.php and making corrections on my appinventor blocks in design.

Thank you very much.

please see this tutorial


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

alternatively you could use ftp to transfer the files to your webserver and store the link to the uploaded file in the database


Thanks for your kind and quick reply. But i am not able to upload photo :frowning:

Application gives error ( 500 - Internal Server Error)

you did not provide any blocks, so my guess is you are using this solution?
concerning "500 - Internal Server Error" see Q1 there

let me recommend you to use ftp, which does not require anything on the server side, it "just works"...


This works for me:

POSTing a file to a php server

Thanks for all your nice comments.
I solved problem with the second option here below;

"Sometimes we cannot upload the file directly (as file), in this case we convert the file to text using the Base64 extension. "

Yours truly...

Sorry for second question;

The uploaded files are very big. Is it possible to upload photos with specified sizes?

I want to make some restriction for image width in app inventor but did not work.
When (ImagePicker1).AfterPicking
set (ImagePicker1).Width (300)

Use Taifun's Image extension to resize or scale images

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