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Hello everyone! I would like anybody if anyone solves my problem. I am making a app where I need to save images on a server from one device and access from other. But I am unable to do so. can anyone recommend me a module to do so?

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Sir/ma'am, I am glad you helped me but the problem is that in my app I don't want to use any other app for uploading images. It should be like tinywebdb where you can store a string and retrieve its value. Similarly I would appreciate if you recommend me any module or library so as to store an image on a web database and be able to retrieve it without any third party app usage. Hope you help me out ASAP​:blush::blush:

what about storing the images in your Google Drive?
take a look again at the FAQ to find some solutions...


OK sir/ma'am I would give it a try.

Thank you sir/ma'am the retrieving part works but how do I store an image. OK I will tell u what I want. I should click a photo from my app and that should get uploaded on drive and it's link should get uploaded on tinywebdb and this should happen without opening gdrive or it should be opened for a very short time. So my question is how do I upload photo from my app either by image picker or camera. Hope u help me out. Thanks :grinning::grinning::grinning:

You are going to need a Google apps script web app to upload files to Google drive, and an extension to convert to base64. Also, whose Google drive ?

Currently for testing i am using my drive. Could u just name the extension and if u could recommend me a tutorial video which i can refer to. Thanks a lot!

Upload Any File To Google Drive with AI2

Thanks a lot everyone! After 48 hrs of searching, coding and with your help, the image uploading and retrieving part works. THANKS A LOT​:smiley::smiley::smile::smile:

My problem has been resolved! you can close this thread