Is there any AppInventor extension to convert JPG file to PNG?


My son is making his app using AppInventor for homework. We want to make an OCR translator - when you take a picture of the text, then the app automatically recognizes the text in the picture and translates it to another language.

We find a cool OCR extension made by Mika that has the method to get the picture of the text and return a string of the text. But Mika's extension requires a PNG image, while the Android photo app uses JPG.

So I try to find some extension to convert JPG to PNG, but I failed.

Does anyone help to find the converter, or recommend another OCR extension that can use JPG file as an input?

Change the file name ending from (.jpg) to (.png).

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solution by @Kumaraswamy see here


Also for OCR (requires network access)

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