Help me with this bug!

please help me.. I used speech recognizer to open another screen (like screen 1 to screen 2) but when i speak the right "password" to open another screen, but it didn't work..... it's like bug but idk.. I really need help!!


What didn't work? It did not recognize your password; it recognized the password but did not switch screens? or ???

There are many possibilities:

  • perhaps the SpeechRecognizer does not understand you when you say 'password'. Speak more clearly or slowly if that is the case or use a different password.
  • perhaps you are not switching Screens properly; we cannot see your code.

Here is a tutorial HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things that might provide an explanation and a solution.

With out seeing your code, the community can only guess. Share your code here.

Show us how you are testing the password.
Are you looking for mixed case, like "Hello World' ?