Help me please and check my project

I want to create a page for the coordinator so that all the data that he enters into the pages will reach him, for example, I make an application for the municipality. The complainant sends the details of the complaint when he sees any of the public facilities damaged as shown. The work I did, I also need some modifications, I hope that will be done Look at it because this is a graduation project and I want to get high grades.Municipal_assistance_copy.aia (1.0 MB)

Since it's a graduation project, it's best you do it on your own. Try using the Messaging component if your Municipality accepts complaint registrations through SMS.

I looked at your app, but to be honest, I would give you a fail, if I were your teacher.
First of all, you used many screens for no apparent reason. 10 is the max, but in this case probably 2 or 3 would have been enough. And each screen has very few blocks. Did you do any tutorials?
Second, you use a TinyDB to store passwords and to send the complaint, but the data in a TinyDB will stay on your phone and not reach the Municipality.
Third, there is no explanatory text about what I should do to use the app.

Did you test your app at all in a reasonably realistic situation??


Ok , can you help me how do i send the data to the municipality?
this is summary for my project:
This proposal is for the competent municipal authorities, and we are in the process of designing an application related to raising complaints related to public services in the country. In order to support them to improve the level of satisfaction of beneficiaries and improve the quality of life and prosperity in cities to respond to the aspirations and needs of current and future generations and achieve the happiness and well-being of the population. And also to facilitate and assist the municipality in doing their work as quickly as possible. This service allows citizens of Ibri (only) to submit reports related to public services to the competent authorities in the country. The municipal sector will be responsible for implementation.

How will the municipality expect to receive the complaints? Email ? Text ? In App ?
How will the complainee know that their complaint has been received and subsequently resolved?

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receive in app.
I do a chat and the complainant contacted a member of the municipality to follow up on the complaint

Will there be a list of the submitted complaints on the app, so that users can check this to avoid multiple submissions of the same issue?

I believe you need to spend some time with pencil and paper figuring out the workflow for your app before committing to any blocks. Have a look at some of the helpdesk type apps (search the gallery or just look on the internet) for ideas.

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of course, I just don not know how to block this ,can help me please?
please check my project and do it , I don not have time to do workflow

You can not expect from us to do your graduation project for you. If you don't have the time you didn't start in time or you choose the wrong project.

We are here to help you with advise and little bits of sample code if necessary but we expect also that you do the majority of the work. It is your project not ours.


no i don't need you to do my project , also me I do most of the work but i want to do block how to do block for send the data to municipality from app and do list of the submitted complaints on the app, so that users can check this to avoid multiple submissions of the same issue only

Use CloudDB or Firebase or Google Sheets to get your data online so that it can be shared among app users.

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how i do that?

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i don't know how i do that

Check out the big magnifying glass icon at the top right of this page. Click on that and you can search for anything on the community.

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What should I type in the search to show me how to save the data and send it to the municipality and also make a list of the reports that have been sent?

How do I use CloudDB?
How do I use lists?

It may also be worth reading through the FAQ

and reading the documentation for AI2 and trying out a few of the tutorials that are related to your intentions.

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See when filling out the data on this page. I want you to go to the full coordinator. How do I do this?
I also want this data to appear in a list so that the complaint is not repeated several times. How can I do this?

How do blocks that the coordinator can change and add to the application , and i want all the data in app go to coordinator to see that and solve this complaint , i try some blocks but didn't work , can help me please ?